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  • Barrier across cycle lane - DANGEROUS!

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The barrier in the photo blocks the route where NCN67 joins Storforth Road at the end of the Rother Washlands in Chesterfield.
    Perhaps the council was trying to be safe here, but since it's not a well lit area, a cyclist travelling this way at night might well have a nasty accident flying over this barrier.

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  • No through route from Midland Terrace to estate cycle routes

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The Jepson Road estate has great cycling infrastructure, but when you get to the west end of it, the path peters out and ends in a fence. Lots of cyclists then carry their bike over a fence and round the end of a culvert to Hartfield Close, but it would be better to just have a cycle gate in the fence straight on to Midland Terrace, which is likely to form part of NCN67 soon.

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