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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Chesterfield Cycle Campaign:

  • Highway Code changes

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    A bill is being put forward to sentence any cyclist convicted of dangerous cycling to a 14 year prison term.

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  • DfT Policy Paper - Inclusive Transport Strategy

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Lots of interesting stuff about inclusive transport regarding trains, buses, cars, public realm, streets and yes a bit about cycling too. Quotes:

    Shared Space:

    8.11 While we consider CIHT and DPTAC’s recommendations and how to take them
    forward, we are requesting that local authorities pause any shared space schemes
    incorporating a level surface they are considering, and which are at the design stage.
    We are also temporarily suspending Local Transport Note 1/11. This pause will allow
    us to carry out research and produce updated guidance.

    Objectives regarding Cycling:

    • Update Local Transport Note 2/08, which sets out the Department’s guidance to
    local authorities on designing safe and inclusive infrastructure for cyclists, to take
    account of developments in cycling infrastructure since its publication in 2008 and
    the responses to the draft AAP consultation and publish a revised version by early
    • By 2020, explore the feasibility of amending legislation to recognise the use of
    cycles as a mobility aid71 in order to increase the number of disabled people

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  • Buttermilk Lane Bridge

    Created by Steve Crapper // 1 thread

    This planning application is a revised version of a previous application that would have infilled the disused railway beneath Buttermilk lane bridge, preventing the disused railway becoming a vital new greenway between Bolsover and Poolsbrook country Park (extending the existing Stockley Trail)

    The revised application has changed from infill to ramps, but this forces an unnecessary road crossing, when an underpass is perfectly feasible

    please object on this basis if you are able . our campaign has created a Facebook page called "build the Stockley Extension"


    Application reference : 18/00178/FUL

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  • Hipper Valley Trail: Walton Dam and Somersall Park Poor Surface

    Created by Nicola Peck // 1 thread

    This well-used trail is in desperate need of resurfacing. During spells of wet weather, it has large puddles at regular intervals and there is a particularly huge "mud bath" at the western end of Walton Dam just by the entrance to the woods. Currently (July 2014) the mud bath is reasonably, but not completely, dry but as recently as June it has been very muddy and was terrible over winter.

    This is one of Chesterfield's major cycling routes and these conditions make it unreasonable to use it for transport journeys (ie. commuting and shopping) in normal clothes because the bike gets caked in mud and it splashes over your shoes and trousers, even with mudguards.

    Alongside Walton Dam, I believe this path is supposed to be nominally 3 metres wide but vegetation has grown into the gravel surface making it significantly narrower (single file) in places.

    The sloped tarmac section at the Walton Road end is suffering encroachment from overgrown vegetation and there is an unnecessary pinch-point part way down (a row of wooden posts) which could be opened up with perhaps only a single post if really necessary, or ideally none at all.

    In Somersall Park, immediately to the south of the river bridge, there is a particularly rough patch of surface which, ironically, is the most recently resurfaced section of path. It's so incredibly rough that you have to be extra careful and slow if carrying delicate items like a laptop or fragile shopping (eg. soft fruit or eggs).

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  • No through route from Midland Terrace to estate cycle routes

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The Jepson Road estate has great cycling infrastructure, but when you get to the west end of it, the path peters out and ends in a fence. Lots of cyclists then carry their bike over a fence and round the end of a culvert to Hartfield Close, but it would be better to just have a cycle gate in the fence straight on to Midland Terrace, which is likely to form part of NCN67 soon.

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  • No top surface on this path

    Created by Simon Redding // 1 thread

    Since this site was abandoned by the bankrupt developer and not adopted by the council the path surface hasn't been put on and the path is a bit rough. Weeds are now starting to grow through the tarmac base layer.

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  • Link to Spital

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    Spital is an area of high cycle ownership. To cycle to town, Spital residents have to currently either traverse a dangerous junction & road bridge to join the Hasland Road cycle route, cycle on the A632 under a dangerous bridge, or cycle a long diversion around the back of the station. With this short spur from the proposed station link, Spital residents would be able to access the town cycling hub at the Spire Business Park and easily cross into town in a number of ways.

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